Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage at Christ the King. At our school, we are committed to planning, facilitating, and delivering an ambitious, broad, and balanced curriculum that adheres to both the EYFS statutory framework as well as being tailored to each child’s unique needs, interest and fascinations. We firmly believe in providing every child with an exceptional start to their educational journey, through the use of skilled play partnering, first hand teacher time and independent exploration within both our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Our approach involves engaging, language-rich, and high-quality direct teaching, ensuring that each child receives the support and resources needed to flourish, learn, and thrive in a nurturing environment designed to promote holistic development and a love for learning.
At CTK, we offer a vibrant journey filled with new, exciting experiences that enrich our children’s knowledge, language, and understanding- the CTK way. Our goal is to spark curiosity and foster a deep comprehension, both academically and spiritually. Through this approach, we aim to instil a lifelong passion for learning and a broader perspective that goes beyond the classroom, empowering our children to embrace the world with confidence and enthusiasm.


For more information about our Early Years provision, please see our Reception Policy 2023

To view the Reception long term plan, please click here.

To view the Reception medium term plans. Please click on the links below:

Advent 1

Advent 2

Lent 1

Lent 2

Pentecost 1

Pentecost 2

To view the key knowledge for the foundation subjects mapped out in our EYFS curriculum, please click here.