We would like each parent to check if they are eligible for free school meals as this not only saves you money, but brings in valuable funds to the school.

If your child is eligible for ‘free school meals’ and you register them for this, we’ll receive extra funding called the Pupil Premium. We use this extra money to improve the educational provision and resources at the school. Even if your child is already receiving universal free school meals as they are in EYFS, Year 1 or Year 2, please do still apply. To find out more about how the Pupil Premium is spent at Christ the King, please visit our Pupil Premium and Recovery Spending page.

To see if you are eligible, please either click on the link below:

Leicester Council Free School Meals

You never know, you might now qualify even if you have been refused in the past.

Here is a leaflet explaining ways the school supports families who receive ‘free school meals’ or who are Pupil Premium. Please get in touch with the school if you need any further information.

How Christ the King supports families