At Christ the King, we are continually looking for ways to support our children with their learning while enhancing their overall childhood experiences. We strive to provide the best for both children and parents/carers.

Here is some information about our most recent initiatives:

Christ the King has achieved the ECO SCHOOL’S FLAG!

The eco team are encouraging everyone to be more energy efficient by checking three things – only paper is in the recycling bin and lights and taps are off. At our green day assembly the two most energy efficient classes won a special award for their efforts. This year the ECO committee will be aiming to reduce plastic in our school. Keep up to date with how our children are doing.

Developing well-rounded children at Christ the King Catholic Primary Academy is extremely important to us as well as raising awareness of food as a life choice, which is a key part in supporting our children to become healthy adults. We aim to engage children and their families to grow, cook and eat seasonal home grown or locally produced food which not only supports our local producers, but helps improve the sustainability of the food chain, reducing ‘food miles’.

At Christ the King, we have gardening clubs which operate on both our infant and junior sites and all our children have the opportunity to sign up for this activity. The children love helping in the garden, keeping it tidy and planting organic fruit and vegetables that we cook with at school or give to the children to take home to cook with their families.

Why not take a look at the growing calendar to see what you could plant and grow at home!

‘Gardening in school brings benefits to everyone. Improved health and wellbeing; better levels of attention in class, higher achievement and stronger links with the local community are just some of the ways gardening can help your whole school to grow.’


We are passionate about ensuring our children get the right food to eat, which includes getting their 5 a day.

As part of Veg Power’s on-going mission to encourage the UK to eat more vegetables, we would like to make it easier for parents and carers to add more vegetables to children’s lunchboxes. Recent research from Leeds University found that only one in five children had any vegetables or salad in their packed lunch.

To support, Veg Power has developed a ’60 Second Lunchbox Hacks’ PDF. It features easy-to-implement ideas and serves to make this task as simple as possible.