Our Ethos, our central unifying principle, is our Catholic Faith and the Kingship of Christ. This can be easily visualised, literally and metaphorically, as a Cross on a hill. We unite around the Cross of Christ the King.

Gospel Values

Jesus taught us how we should live: “Just as I have loved you, you should love one another” (Jn 13:34).

Based on our Catholic Ethos we have identified the things that are most valuable to us.  When we read the Gospels we can identify values to focus our attention and show us how we should obey Jesus in our everyday lives.

We have decided to focus on the gospel values of love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, hope, service and justice on our CTK Journey.

The values are inter-related and our children will identify the ways in which they are linked as they develop through the school.

Each Year Group will focus on a different gospel value and explore the significance of that value through study, prayer and reflection.

The scriptures and lives of the Saints offer a rich store of inspiration and explanation for our children in order to illuminate these values.

Our children will be encouraged to learn about these values and how they can become outward signs of their Faith.


The Gospel Values guide our behaviour and how we treat others. When we practise them every day they become virtues. These positive habits shape the character of our children and form the culture in our school. They define our way of living, learning and behaving every day.

We have codified our Catholic Character Formation –  it is called the CTK Way. Our children learn our ethos, study our values and are encouraged to develop their virtues as part of our curriculum. The result is the Catholic culture of Christ the King school.