We believe that Christ the King must provide more than just the opportunity to make outstanding academic progress. We would therefore like to introduce the CTK Experience as a formal structure to plan and deliver the exciting range of activities your child will access at the school.

The CTK Experience details the provision that every pupil will experience at CTK beyond the formal educational Curriculum. Most of us fondly remember the residential trips, sporting events and cultural experiences from our school days and the positive impact they can have… this is the CTK Experience.

The CTK Experience is designed to build on the experience of previous years and each Phase will see opportunities we think are best suited to your child’s age and stage of development.

All of our children, regardless of their family circumstances, will access the CTK Experience during their time at the school. CTK aims to deliver the same academic opportunities to our children as they would receive at the best schools – the CTK Experience is the school’s commitment to deliver the same level of opportunity outside of the classroom.

Our Catholic Faith is at the centre of the CTK Experience which is divided into 6 Key Areas:

  • Catholic Life – Your child will have the opportunity to actively participate in the Catholic life of the school
  • Faith in Action – Your child will have the opportunity to put their Faith into action through charity work and fundraising.
  • Visits, Trips and Retreats – Your child will have the opportunity to regularly visit places of interest outside of our school.
  • Sports, Clubs and Activities – Your child will have the opportunity to learn new sports and hobbies.
  • Performance, Culture and Creativity – Your child will have the opportunity to develop their creative and artistic talents.
  • Missions, Vocations and Futures – Your child will have the opportunity to consider how they can use their God-given talents in their future careers.

More details are provided on the link below:

At Christ the King we plan a sequence of trips which have two purposes:

1. To directly support learning in the curriculum.  The trips have been carefully planned to support the children to know more and remember about the content they are studying in school

2.To provide a range of experiences that support the development of pupils’ cultural capital.

To view the incredible trip opportunities our children get to experience at CTK, please click here.