Our Mission Statement

‘Christ the King welcomes everyone in our community as we share the joys of our Faith. We worship, learn and play together in the love of Jesus, helping one another to develop the talents given to us by God.’

Our Motto

Our school’s motto is ‘Believe and Achieve at Christ the King

We believe that:

  • God created the word and all of us. Therefore, we should love God, love each other and care for the world He created for us.
  • God gave us all unique gifts and talents. Therefore, we should work hard to reach our full potential.
  • Christ is our King. Therefore, Christ is at the centre of our school community and guides all our decisions and helps us make the right choices.
  • We should always try our best. Therefore, we should make every second count and take every opportunity to learn and grow.

Aims for our pupils:

Christ the King Catholic Primary School aims to promote high achievement  and learning for life by  working with pupils:

  • To deepen their knowledge, understanding and love of God and his creation.
  • To  engender a spirit of independence and self-motivation, thus promoting self-esteem and to encourage personal responsibility for actions.
  • To provide for each child a wide, balanced curriculum of high quality, appropriate to individual needs and fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • To develop independent, enquiring minds and an enjoyment of learning.
  • To achieve the highest possible personal standards in all areas of the curriculum.

Mission Statement Awards

Each week, class teachers nominate one pupil who has lived out the School Mission Statement from their class.  We celebrate their successes by giving the children a big round of applause in assembly as well as a special sticker.

On the Infant Site we call this award our ‘Magnificent Missionaries’ and on the Juniors it is known as the ‘CTK Missionaries’’ award.

We are incredibly proud of all of our children at Christ the King and particularly those who have been selected by their teacher for living out our School Mission Statement. Look out for one of these special stickers on your child’s jumper!