All of our children will receive an outstanding Catholic education and will be capable of achieving their potential.

At CTK, we are committed to providing outstanding education for our children and give access to opportunities and experiences to support, sustain and encourage their development into young adults.

The success at CTK is built upon our ‘three pillars’ which are at the heart of everything we do.

Catholic Character Formation

We use our Catholic ethos, values and culture to develop a safe, positive and supportive learning environment with exemplary behaviour shown by all members of the school community.

Ambitious Curriculum

We teach an ambitious and knowledge-rich curriculum which is inspiring, accessible and challenging. We enable all of our students to engage with great science, magnificent literature, magical mathematics and leading thinkers, authors and material. We also believe that CTK must provide more than just the opportunity to make outstanding academic progress. We introduced the CTK Experience to plan and deliver the guarantee that every pupil will enjoy enriching experiences beyond the formal educational Curriculum.

Excellent Teaching

A range of evidence-informed teaching approaches are employed to ensure that pupils can learn, retain and use knowledge for their future development and reach their potential.

With these three pillars at the heart of CTK, we ensure that all pupils make excellent progress so that they are not only ready to succeed at the highest levels in secondary school but are also prepared to be successful in their lives as young Catholic adults.