Geography is taught as a stand alone subject split into 5 themes taken from the National Curriculum; Transport, Environment and Sustainability, Culture and Leisure, Infrastructure, Trade and Industry and People, families and communities. The skills required for working as a geographer are taught throughout each unit of work, allowing the children to understand the disciplinary knowledge needed to be a good geographer.

The children will be able to explore the local area from the perspective of a geographer to explore the areas linked to the River Soar (Year 4), to map routes and risk assess (Year 2) and explore street names and addresses (Year 1). There are ample opportunities for children to use their reading skills in research and their mathematical skills when recording and analysing data, reading maps and when using compasses and coordinates.

The Geography long term plan for all year groups can be found here.

An example of a Geography Medium Term plan can be found here.

The Geography End of Year Expectations can be found here.