Design and Technology is taught as a stand-alone subject split into the three strands of mechanical, textiles and cooking with links being made to other areas of the curriculum where those links are strong. Children coming into Christ the King have limited access to activities and experiences which promote and develop skills used within cooking and Design and Technology. On entry, children tend to have underdeveloped fine motor skills, which are significantly improved through the carefully planned and facilitated provision within EYFS. The children are discretely taught what makes a good designer and that the designing process is a cyclical sequence where designers are constantly looking for ways to seek solutions and improve their products further. They will also have the opportunity to test and refine their products by practising using prototypes. Children will have the opportunity to develop their textiles abilities during Christmas crafting and Year 6 will use computer aided design as part of their textiles unit. From EYFS all the way through to year 6, all children experience high quality cooking days which teaches them crucial techniques when preparing food.

The  Design and Technology long term plan for all year groups can be found here. An example of a Medium Term Plan can be found here.

The Design and Technology skills progression can be found here.

The Design and Technology end of year expectations can be found here.