Christ the King CVA

School Council

The CTK School Council provides a meaningful way for pupils to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.

The Council is made up of two pupils from each class who are formally elected by their peers to represent them and their views.

School Councillors are first and foremost good-role models to the other pupils, demonstrating and living out the Gospel Values and our School Mission Statement.

They attend regular formal meetings to convey the opinions of their classmates on how both learning opportunities and the school environment could be improved.

They welcome visitors to our school and host termly assemblies on issues which affect our school and local area, with a particular focus on citizenship.


The School Council aims:

  • To provide a basis for learning important life skills, such as communication and listening skills, decision making/problem-solving skills and working as part of a team, whilst giving a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • To give a real context for learning about citizenship and democracy;
  • To equip pupils with skills which will help them to cope with challenging experiences in the future;
  • And to enable pupils to have a voice and to understand that their opinions matter and are valued.


The School Council not only think about ways in which our school environment could be improved but are ambassadors for learning. 

Through consultation with Senior Leaders, the School Council seek to enhance and improve the CTK Experience for all learners.






School Council

Advent 2 2020

Together, as a School Council, we have put together a short assembly to mark Remembrance Day, 2020:

This half term has been challenging as, as a School Council, we have had to get creative to think of ways we can collaborate and contribute to our school community safely.

As one of our key aims as a school council is to teach pupils about Fundamental British Values, we decided that it would be a great idea to put together a special assembly for Remembrance Day.

We talked about how teaching about Remembrance is key to understanding how modern diverse Britain was created and the shared heritage of service and sacrifice across all the UK’s communities. It also helps us to understand more about what those who served, both on the front-line and at home, went through.

At Christ the King, we recognise that if we are to maintain our peace and freedom, we must always remember the sacrifices of those that came before us.

We hope that you enjoy our assembly.


Advent 1 2020

Congratulations to our newly elected school councillors. 

On Monday 5th October, we held our first school council meeting.

It was wonderful to get to know one another and receive our shiny school council badges.

In our meeting we discussed the roles and responsibilities of a school councillor and the qualities needed to be a good school councillor.

We also wrote our CTK School Council Prayer which we will say at the beginning of each school council meeting this year.



Our School Councillors for 2020-2021:

R-RC Rohan
R-ER Adeline
R-AG/SF Dhiya
1GO Pola
1SR Oskar
1SL Kaira
2VD Jakub
2KH/FS Rita
2NT Kaja
3RK Amelia
3SY Isaac
3SN Nadia
4SC Kevin
4TB Alexa + Toby
4LM/LC Otuto
5JG Catalina
5LC Stacey
5EG Antoni + Victoria
6DM Axel
6KT Josh
6KD Matisse