Christ the King CVA

School Council

Congratulations to our newly elected school councillors. 

On Monday 5th October, we held our first school council meeting.

It was wonderful to get to know one another and receive our shiny school council badges.

In our meeting we discussed the roles and responsibilities of a school councillor and the qualities needed to be a good school councillor.

We also wrote our CTK School Council Prayer which we will say at the beginning of each school council meeting this year.



Our School Councillors for 2020-2021:

R-RC Rohan
R-ER Adeline
R-AG/SF Dhiya
1GO Pola
1SR Oskar
1SL Kaira
2VD Jakub
2KH/FS Rita
2NT Kaja
3RK Amelia
3SY Isaac
3SN Nadia
4SC Kevin
4TB Alexa + Toby
4LM/LC Otuto
5JG Catalina
5LC Stacey
5EG Antoni + Victoria
6DM Axel
6KT Josh
6KD Matisse