School Information

School Information

Christ the King is a Catholic school for all children built upon the solid foundation of Christian values which serves families living and worshipping in the parishes of Blessed Sacrament, Mother of God and St Peter’s in Leicester. We believe that each individual should be given the opportunity to flourish and develop to their full potential. Here they can acquire the skills to become confident and articulate, well equipped to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.

We are committed to the development of the individual, to enabling every pupil to fulfil their potential, not only in their academic studies but also in sports, drama, music or wherever their talents may lie. We meet together regularly as a community to celebrate success and reflect upon the values of tolerance and mutual respect, honesty and integrity that underpin our philosophy here at Christ the King.

We are always delighted to welcome visitors and look forward to meeting you.


Martin Fitzwilliam,

Head Teacher